Jibe Hand-Built Wheels

The hubs


Every Jibe wheel build starts with our X28 MTB or G24 gravel hubs, each containing the same ratchet system. Our ratchet mechanism has been engineered with fewer internal components which creates less points of failure and increased longevity. 

Weight Reduction

By incorporating a single spring into the ratchet system, the hubs achieve a significant reduction in weight.

  • X28 Front: 145g
  • X28 Rear: 222g
  • G24 Front: 135g
  • G24 Rear: 216g


The X28 & G24 hubs have 36 points of engagement which guarantees fast and consistent power transfer to your drivetrain.


Choosing the right bearings is crucial for wheel performance. That's why we invest in high-grade, smooth rolling, low friction sealed cartridge bearings from the Japanese experts EZO.

The rims

Lightweight and super strong

Our Jibe Factory carbon rims are super light but still super strong. In order to achieve this we use a blend of T700 and T800 carbon fiber. T700 carbon is known for its high strength, while T800 is much lighter and stiffer. We combine these two materials resulting in a very lightweight and robust composite.

  • Rim weight: 360g
  • Front X28 Factory wheel (complete): 690g
  • Rear X28 Factory wheel (complete): 780g

Bead Lock Technology

A strategically placed bump on the rim bed reinforces the tires bead. This feature reduces burping when cornering and riding at lower pressures.

TRD (Tubeless R Design)

An R-shaped lip is molded on the rim for effortless tire installation and an enhanced tubeless seal.

Hand-built in slc

Our wheels are hand built by our team of professionals in Salt Lake City, Utah at Jibe Cycleworks HQ. Every wheel is tensioned to a 5% variance, meaning that the tension is spread evenly across the rims and spokes.