Sponsorship Enrollment


To meet Jibe's sponsorship criteria for the 2024 season, riders should demonstrate the following qualities and qualifications:
Involvement with Jibe as a Brand and Company:
  • Show a genuine connection and commitment to Jibe as a brand and company. This could include actively using Jibe products, advocating for the brand via social media, interacting with Jibe employees, and frequenting the Jibe shop. 
Riding Level:
  • Be an Expert, Varsity, or Pro-level rider. Riders should have the skills and experience corresponding to their level. 
Consistent Top 10 Results:
  • Have a track record of achieving top 10 results in relevant competitions and races. Consistency in performance is key to demonstrating the rider's competitive prowess.
Riding Portfolio:
  • Provide a comprehensive riding portfolio that includes a history of competitions, race results, and notable achievements. This portfolio should highlight the rider's competitive excellence.
Alignment with Jibe's Values:
  • Showcase a strong alignment with Jibe's brand values, including innovation, outdoor adventure, and community engagement. Demonstrating how the rider embodies these values can enhance their candidacy.
Passion and Dedication:
  • Show passion for their sport and dedication to continuous improvement. Riders should be committed to pushing their limits and striving for excellence.
  • Exhibit professionalism both on and off the track. This includes sportsmanship, integrity, and a positive image that reflects well on Jibe as a sponsor.
Marketing and Promotional Potential:
  • Highlight the rider's potential to contribute to Jibe's marketing and promotional efforts. This could involve social media presence and other marketing activities that increase brand visibility.
Community Involvement:
  • Demonstrate involvement in the riding community and efforts to promote the sport. This might include mentoring or participating in community events.
Teamwork and Collaboration:
  • Showcase the ability to work effectively within a team.
References and Recommendations:
  • Provide strong references or recommendations from individuals or organizations in the riding community who can vouch for the rider's character, skills, and contributions.
Future Goals and Vision:
  • Present a clear vision of the rider's future goals and how Jibe's sponsorship would contribute to their growth and achievements.